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I wonder why they showed Christina, Elli, Chandi, and Kristen so briefly. 16 seems like too many for show group anyway, seeing as they usually say most stages only have space for12! Things were a bit different this year, though, as the candidates were all in one hotel during the entire filming process. I keep my finger on the pulse of which reality shows are doing well and try to watch all of the major competition series that I can. Field and post producers have absolutely zero input on which of the ladies make the team. u/eyerishdancegirl7. They took some non SG members. Tell me your: Rockstar Rookie: Great dancer and ambassador, ROTY candidate, One and Done: Either retires or gets cutnext season, Sleeper Hit: Flies under the radar at first but starts to really shine in year2 or 3. Re: Another Option. I hope Ashlinn comes back, she is adorable. I was more talking about the Plaza performance in the photos on the link above, Showgroup: Gina, Lexie, Amber M., Ashlee, Caroline, Jalyn, Rachel, Kat, Kelsey, Armani, If it was anything like last year's, then more are going to peace out and retire, not wanting to put themselves through it again (and likely not wanting to be the victim of Kelli's whims to amp up the drama and create space for the new girls). Maybe Jackie didn't want to be featured. She was already on thin ice because of the tik-tok video and probably being monitored because of it, so the comment was caught &gave them the excuse they needed to get rid of her. So I'm also just picking up on the rumor about Armani possibly being a "mean girl"is this something new, or has this supposedly been going on since last season? I was able to kind a get through thunderstruck but that was it. It's important for them to be in shape, but however important their body can be to. And if the squad has some issues with a cheerleaders appearance but she is still excellent in all other aspects of the job, she will likely retain her spot. 5 years is enough. Hahahaha theyre awesome! I think she will only get better with experience. A few seasons back, a typical dance sequence on the show was full of tighter, close-up shots. She already confirmed it on her IG. Megan announced it on insta May 28. Wow. From this Marketing Managers opinion, the DCC don't realise the importance of social media. Maybe that is why VK quit . It's not necessarily the poster who is saying anyone is overweight. Kelli Finglass vs Reddit and Primetimer DCC fan communities *** general discussion *** I'm fairly new to this though I have watched the show on off through the years. According to them it was Victorias fault that Tara and Brennan got cut, it was Vs fault that Jalyn lost showgroup. She spoke out against DCC-MTT but has back peddled a lot and is consistently praising the show and the organization now. . read the handwriting on the wall move on. They're on to me. Primetimer is way better now. Most DCC girls retire after 3 years so we might see a lot of girls from the class of 2018 leave. I do wonder how it is that "Scott the weatherman" actually knows her heart though. I saw on PT (yes I said it *lol*) Little Heather (who was cut in Season 12? Eric Reynolds is a post story producer who has worked on a number of unscripted television shows addressing a wide variety of subject matter, who aims to expand the boundaries and capabilities of what is possible in the realm of unscripted television, with a focus in live TV integration and hopes to someday launch a small network in partnership with up-and-coming products/brands that would broadcast programming specifically geared towards ultra-niche audiences. Outside people, as in people who dont belong to the FB group? Also lots of Victoria bashing, although I don't agree with that. As for retirees I think a lot wont retire. i always felt so bad for her. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Megan actually stayed with Jackie Bob while in TC. She comes across as a little timid, and more of a blender right now. One is not required to be an expert on the show to get hired, but it doesnt hurt! Is she really? That should be enough for K&J to take another look at both of these girls next season. Kat sleeping with a player. Maddie. I didn't believe. Specifically the rookies who have danced years and years for other pro teams. The fact of the matter is that not a lot of past or current cheerleaders could have made the team over: I would have chosen Ashlinn and Tori over Alora-Rose and Sydney all day long. He recently moved to Louisana, so it is assumed she will be moving there as well and this would be her final season as a DCC. Shes just not memorable in terms of dancing. a great 5 years, awesome kicks. Interesting how this appears to be a Show Group performance but Kat, Armani and Darian aren't there. Probably the timing. To share our perspectives and exchange ideas in a welcoming, supportive space, Ive created these rules for commenting here. She made show group and this year a leader so she's done well. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. What is Jackie's "full time job" now? PT: Everything is basically Cassies fault. 37.6k Followers, 1,752 Following, 978 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Danielle Marie (@danielle.marie12) Powered by Invision Community, Sign in or register to view your favorite shows here. Like, for the entire show. Hardcore fans were upset by what they deemed to be blatant nepotism (Kellis friendship with Victorias mom being brought up over and over), but were shocked to see Victoria finally eliminated in the penultimate episode of the season. It was created in 2000 byAndy Dehnart, who's still writing and publishing it today. Seems much more chill. In this edition of The Confessional, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team story producer Eric Reynolds writes about the show, which is premiering its 15th season and is CMTs longest-running non-music show. Good for her. Prime Time Forums is a company that operates in the Media and Entertainment industry. I hope she auditions againI, Madeline S. dance wise is not the best, but I like her nonetheless), She is working at the dance studio owned by Evan Anderson, former DCC, and family. oops "retired". The photographer sure seemed to love her! Read that on another board. Not a big deal really, but they try to keep a lid on things until the show airs/the first game (although if you read the spoiler sections, we pretty much find out things as they happen). Weve created a community that connects people through open and thoughtful conversations about the TV were watching and the stories about it. , She resigned due to the nfl mandate for people on the field besides players, Group 1:Lexie, Ashlee, Chandi, Elli, Jessica, Marissa, Jensen, Christina and Tyra, Group 2:Gina, Erin, Madeline M., Armani, Claire, Ashlin, Amber L., Kelee and Megan, Group 3:Rachel, Amber M., Kristin, Dani, Darian, McKenzie, Kleins, Lea and KayDianna, Group 4:Caroline, Jalyn, Taylor, Kat, Kelsey, Jada, Rebecca, Madeline S., and Tori, Showgroup: Gina, Lexie, Amber M., Ashlee, Caroline, Jalyn, Rachel, Kat, Kelsey, Armani, She's deff no Gina, but she has power, but over-exaggerates some moves. That's how it goes for a lot of the DCCs. CoffeeFrog19 I think Kelli saying 'come back next year' was just for the show, and they'll never consider her as a risk of ignoring K & J's rules, and I think Ava should move on. seem to go after is when people start discussing . If you guys want to read about the auditions and training camp in real time (since these things are going on now), Primetimer has a great forum. I wonder why they never showed themthey showed Natalie Wood and Kleine twice. Just saw her story. Maybe Jackie didn't want to be featured. Post production was handled remotely, and each of the producers and editors worked from home to edit this upcoming season. I would rate her on a par with Gina as a soloist (and that's saying something). Sleeper hit: Jensen. Seems like most vets too except Brianna. I don't think Lea is unpopular. I would agree that those rookies listed above aresome of the better dancers from their class. Shes a great dancer, but she lacks the type of confidence shed need to carry the team front and center. But in the age of the Internet, and after countless articles, forums, and recaps that now exist in the Internet cosmos, can it really be said that these shows are still considered cult? I get that they are dragging out the final cuts for drama, but for years I've thought that was stupid as it prevents them from finalizing their positions until the last minute. (Seasons tend to be taped from May-September, with the show premiering around August 1). That doesn't even look like her compared to her look in last TC. Which rumor was that again? Terrific for selfies and pics in low lighting. Didn't buy it, never will. But I think if she doesnt improve her power, they wont give her a second season. The boards there are really slowing down, I feel. I dont know if she was hacked or what but these weird commercials and other videos kept popping up in her videos and sometimes the sound would go off. I don't dislike Alora and Sydney, but they were not the strongest of the rookies. . Something that can be a bit intimidating is the sheer size of each cast that comes with the show. Apparently she is very aware of this community and has deep distaste and had quite strong negative opinions about the communities. Facebook Watch video from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team: 202K views, 2.6K likes, 721 loves . I noticed that too. Kristin is a wild card. Is there any kind of restrictions there? Confirmed girls that I know of to be coming back are Gina, Marissa and Victoria (ok Victoria is not necessarily confirmed but come on), Girls that I wish would retire are Alora-Rose,Briana, Caroline, Daphne, Erin, Jessica, Kat, Kristin, Maddie, Madeline, Rachel A. Savannah, Sydney, Taylor, and Tess. The girls want a "real season" to be their last season - maybe. They seem to think CMT and Kelli and Charlotte get their ideas from them. It's always within the context of the show. They hate Kelli, Charlotte, Tina, Victoria, Tess and Lisa. From MTVs Real World/Challenge franchise to CBS dominance in the competitive formats to FOXs singing/talent shows, its hard to place any of these shows into the cult genre, as they are seen by millions and millions of people every time they airand reviewed by the many legacy and independent media outlets. Posts Marissa is exactly as sweet as she appears. Olivia S (S5) either talked back to Cassie, or Cassie was mad because Olivia was getting all the attention at that years calendar shoot, hence her cut in S6. Cici always looks like she is having fun, and stands outbecause of her hair. In other words, Im here to call it out when it sucks and celebrate it when its amazing. On 8/23/2021 at 9:56 PM, Kitkatkitty said: On 8/24/2021 at 12:16 PM, lexie3248 said: On 8/24/2021 at 4:45 PM, pinkandsparkly13 said: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team, 2021 Auditions, Finals, and Training Camp. With the ending of the Making the Team season, here is the place to discuss the new squad! Forums - PRIMETIMER. Alora unfortunately isnt a fan favorite. Hahhah I just want all the drama like where can I find it. In the online clips she is shown to be somewhat off and sluggish? please do not come back. When it comes to Lea, I think her look is definitely unique. She seems so quiet and demure! Lol! 10-05-2021 04:07 PM. Editing remotely from home was surprisingly much more seamless than I thought it would be! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I likely won't be surprised at exactly who leaves since they're probably going to be exactly who I suspect they are. Rockstar Rookie: Kleine is a superstar and seems to be the best cheerleader for her teammates. She would make a great person for appearances to speak. She's beautifulin a doll like way but I still feel like she is expressionless in the DCC style. I expect fireworks again next season, but, no matter what Kelli decides about the show and who stays on the squad, I will not be watching. my exact thoughts on Marissa. I also see rookie Amber getting the Lacy nose job ASAP. It is some kind of lighted phone case. I like that they stuck with the white background instead of the clipped out transparent background that they did for last year's cameo photos. If not, it has to be difficult to adjust on the fly like that. It takes some getting used to. I am a huge fan of reality TV and have been since the year 2000. 202K views, 2.6K likes, 721 loves, 259 comments, 208 shares. Exactly we might not get to a normal year to next year. 19 hours ago. I know she was injured in the dance off but that was not her best at all. Jalyn- I would say she's gotten as far with them as she is going to go and move on. Am I the only one that was having difficulty viewing these videos? 2,915 following. I love that you get to see different girls shine every week at the Christmas show. Usually whoever is in this place looks awkward. This is all correct! 6h. Also I can see it going both ways where people would want to stay because they missed out on most perks of being a DCC, but also people would want to retire because 2021 might be the same as 2020 and there's no point in staying. That sounds like they mistook Amanda for Holly. So if I get my wish (which I won't) there will be 15 spots open.which is one spot less than the rookie class of 2018. I got a comment removed and a strike against my profile for calling out another user for calling some of the girls attention whores b/c of what they choose to share on social media so that was fun Used to post/respond actively but since then I'm honestly scared to. Copyright @ 2000 to 2022 Reality Blurred LLC and individual contributors, reality TV reviews, news, and analysis since 2000. Get reality TV news, reviews, and recommendations in your inbox every week. omg do you have her insta? Or Claire! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I thought it might be fun to makepredictions about the rookie class. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. She was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader . My only critique is that her energy sometimes makes her over-exaggerate some moves and it seems weird or it looks like she's doing a different dance. Some of the hopeful candidates who make it into training camp every year are cutby director of the DCC Kelli Finglass and head choreographer Judy Trammel, both former Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders themselvesuntil about 45 hopeful candidates have been reduced to a final squad of 36. I think Paige and Tessa proclaimed to lovetheir new look and then went back as soon as possible. However, they would have made the team over so many past cheerleaders, like pro-bowl Amy, Team USA Kat etc. And there are some alumni now where I trip on their social media and it's beyond cringey with MLMs, 24/7 filler ads, etc. I love her. I also think McKenzie and Dani are great, but they seem like replacement blondes rather than standouts? I liked how they announced the team this year. Hang it up already. Sleeper Hit: Rebecca, Keleeand Lea all have SG potential to me and I cannot believe the unpopularity of Lea! One and Done: Christina, Jensen, Amber, LeaI think Kleine could end up being a surprise one and done - I could see her getting married, checking DCC off her bucket list, and deciding to move on. This I can agree with! or volunteer/humanitarian things like Melissa or Savannah. Look at the culture of DCC and how KELLI has evaluated the girls. And her opinions but that's of course personal and YMMV. And they give Rachel A a leadership position which she deserved this year. She doesn't present as'mean girl," thoughshe seems to hold some ideology that excludes entiregroups of people. Dez caught it. Season 13 in 2018 saw 18-year-old Victoria audition to be a DCC for the first time. I was expecting a better photo for Tori since she has had killer field photos. Do you hate these women or support them? u/RayHans03. Perhaps that she flew under the radar lastseason when everything and everyone was masked up and some have been able to discover her now during game performances, but she definitely was mentioned. Not doubting you at all..I just haven't had the opportunity to see her singled out and be able to shine (on that caliber)~ I'm going to have to pay attention. all with successful dance studios and choreography business. Welcome! Another rumor was that Rachel W. is homophobic and being around Janelle made her uncomfortable. All I can think is that they're newbies to SG. I've always liked her since her rookie season but being a vet looks great on her! Same goes for Sydney. Are all the comments about Reddit from yesterday gone from the PT board 2020 auditions and speculations? I don't know how!! Either way sheneeds to keep those DCC connections for her fitness business too. I could see K&J putting Marissa as point because of her following and we gotta admit, her dancing is amazing. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The massive VK hate seems to have gone away but there are still little jabs here there - nothing major and most seem to stay out of it now. They do their best to warn women who are on the chopping block, and are at risk of being cut in order to give them time to correct whatever issues they may have. She's strong. And her speaking isn't great either. The one thing I like about the team photo is KayDianna in the center spot, back row. The DCC are critiqued heavily on how they look, from how big their hair is to how toned their stomachs are. On 11/20/2021 at 3:39 PM, MegzClarkie said: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making The Team. Last year, we started leaving wide shots of thegroup dances up longer and it helped a lot with showcasing who was excelling versus who was struggling. With that, and Kelli's love of drama for the show (and to satisfy her ego), I will not be surprised if she cuts more vets and is looking to see exactly who's left after everyone's made their decision to stay or leave. Copyright 2022 Snugglefish Media. Once this audition phase ends, the real show begins. 33 marywebgirl 1 yr. ago She didn't post much of anything, but shedid attend a Kip Mooreconcertwhere she commented aboutmaybe someday being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader in tune with his lyrics, and a friend asked her if she was cut, and she responded, "home on a break" then she later deleted both those comments. I think youre right about the formations changing weekly. Her body is clearly aging and slowing down and although she has style and class 3 years DCCand then her time with the Titans time to go. And how does the world of unscripted/reality television fit into this cult landscape? Details please!! Fairly harmless and nearly any TC candidate could have gotten away with it, but K&J were searching like hawks for a reason to cut her and determine, yes, she is too immature for this team. They are very snarky. I absolutely get your point here, and I think there are some ladies that really need to move the heck on with their lives, already. 31.3k Followers, 2,870 Following, 406 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Caroline Brock (@carolinebrock95) Agreed, that and the entrance were messy. The discussion here is far more engaging and entertaining than the show itself. She was there at the 60th anniversary working. Super active and lots of information. These forums aren't a great representation of public opinion. There were veteran cheerleaders from season 13 that were rookies as far back as season 9, and its great to know their stories so you can flash back to moments that demonstrate how far theyve come in their DCC journey. Scott the Weatherman said she had a heart of gold. Fans of CMT's Dallas Cowboys' Cheerleaders Making the Team, Press J to jump to the feed. I was shocked to hear about Tess. veterans elementary school staff,