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MS 1900 / Shariah-Based Quality Management Systems

What is MS 1900 Shariah-Based Quality Management Systems?

MS 1900 is a structured system that assists organizations to deliver products and services that meet customers’ requirements, comply with regulatory requirements as well as with the requirements of Shariah. An organisation has established a systematic approach to instil quality to ensure that their products meet customer requirements from Shariah compliant. This does not mean that the product is conforming to product standards. It means that the products are being produced through processes which have consideration for quality, including halal aspects of delivering products and services.

What are the objectives of MS 1900 Shariah-Based Quality Management Systems?

1) To inculcate Shariah requirements into their quality management practice with the emphasis on value-based management. Islam promote good universal values, which are readily acceptable to all people in the world.
2) To enhance the level of effectiveness and efficiency as it is requires the practice of universal good conduct at all levels of the organisation that could lead to the improvement in the level and quality of production of products.
3) Ensure that the universal values of justice, honesty, truthfulness, sincerity, timeliness and discipline are integrated into your quality management practices.
4) To enhance level of shariah compliance and confidence among Muslims and stakeholders; and emphasis on ethical standards in business processes.

Who should apply MS 1900 Shariah-Based Quality Management Systems?

MS 1900 can be used by any organisation of any size

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