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MS 2530 / Malaysian Sustainability Palm Oil - MSPO

What is MS 2530 Malaysian Sustainability Palm Oil - MSPO?

Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO) address sustainability issues and challenges in relation to the multi-stakeholders involve in the industry which complies with Malaysian laws and ratified international agreements. The standard describes the sustainability requirements for the production throughout the supply chain from the raw materials until the transport to consumer and makes it possible for smallholders to establish, maintain and improve their operational practices within management system framework, which enables the approach towards attaining sustainable production of palm oil.

What are the benefits of MS 2530 Malaysian Sustainability Palm Oil - MSPO?

1) Malaysian Standard (MS) for MSPO provides guidance for the quantification, communication and verification of the sustainability Principles and Criteria
2) MSPO is transparent for the benefits of producers, traders, consumers, public and regulatory bodies
3) Transparency elements enable interested parties to gauge the relevance and applicability of the MS for the different sectors and geographical areas

What we offer?

Audits and surveillance will facilitate the continuous monitoring and improvement of sustainable palm oil production

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