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PSV Policies

Management Policy

PSV is committed to providing a professional independent service in the field of management System Certification. PSV is committed to impartiality in its accredited management system certification activities. Our mission is to add value to customers by demonstrating their systems and processes are effective and fully comply with all relevant standards. PSV operates in accordance with the requirements set out in ISO/IEC 17021, ISO/IEC 17020, ISO/IEC 17065 and ISO/IEC 17025 current International Forum Guides and is committed to maintaining and expanding internationally recognized accreditation of its products. We believe in regularly reviewing and refining our processes to promote an environment for continual improvement of performance.

Policy for Certification Marks

The PSV intellectual property rights, titles and interests in all service mark (s), trademark (s), certification marks (s) other names or logos, copyright works and inventions remain the property of PSV and cannot be sold or licensed by the Client. PSV shall award a licence to the Client to use its certification mark (s) and logo (s) for the duration of this Contract when used in accordance with the applicable Terms of Use (as amended from time to time). PSV will audit the use of logos and/or marks. PSV reserves the right to substitute or withdraw the right to use any or all logos, marks, certificates and audit documentation at any time in the event of non-compliance with the Terms of Use or should the Contract be terminated, for whatever reason.

PSV Impartiality Policy

PSV is committed to impartiality in its accredited management system certification activities. This commitment is declared publicly on the PSV website (www.shauffmantz.com) “PSV Impartiality Policy”. An assessment and analysis of all actual and potential threats for personnel, bodies or organisations is made at least annually, including conflicts arising from internal and external relationships such as associated companies, common ownership, etc. PSV does not offer management system consultancy to clients. All subcontracted personnel are required to agree to and sign confidentiality agreements. PSV does not outsource audits to any organisation providing management system consultancy and shall not offer or provide internal audits to its certified clients. PSV also will not certify other certification bodies for its quality management system.