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COC Certification Process

Product manufacturers and exporters want assurance that the timber products they buy, or export, are sourced from MTCS managed forests. Chain of custody certification from PSV ensures the traceability of timber as well as visibility of any processes it has been through. This is a guarantee sought by customers and consumers alike.

MTCS-PEFC CoC certification audits conducted by PSV are third party audits of timber product manufacturers or exporters to ascertain that the timber products manufactured or exported are sourced from MTCS certified forests. A successful audit leads to the award of an MTCS-PEFC Chain of Custody certificate.

Certification Process

There are five key stages to PSV MTCS-PEFC CoC process:

  1. Preparation by the applicant organization: The applicant organization prepares a standard operating procedure (SOP) that fulfills the requirements of the CoC standard, conducts training and an internal audit. Finally, the management team reviews the findings of the internal audit (meeting minutes must be recorded).

  2. Main audit: PSB carries out an audit against the PEFC-CoC standard, prepares a report and submits it to the organization for comments. The audit report, together with organization’s comments, are submitted to PSV Certification Committee for decision.

  3. Certification: If eligible, PSV will issue certification to the applicant (organization). Certification is valid for a maximum period of five years.

  4. Surveillance: An annual surveillance audit is carried out to ensure continued compliance. At the same time, PSV will check that any corrective actions have been completed.

  5. Re-certification: Renewal of certification requires the organization to undergo a full audit. PSV will re-evaluate the compliance with the requirements of the CoC standard. If the organization meets the CoC requirements, PSV will re-issue the certificate (valid for up to five years).